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We facilitate your journey by looking at your organization from the 30,000 foot level and then zero in on those strategic elements that identify long-term or overall aims and interests and the means of achieving them.


Our Summit Team Guides have direct experience in nonprofit management. We understand the commitment, the resources, and the passion it takes to grow a mission and work towards fulfilling a vision.


Program drives outcomes, marketing spurs awareness, interest fuels funding, and revenue broadens program. When these sub-systems function together, they systemically work to dynamically improve your impact.


Our relationship-based consulting philosophy fosters collegial relationships that grow beyond specific project engagements; you will receive personal attention from our experienced team of nonprofit experts.

Six Benefits of the Questus Process...

We focus the best practices from all three sectors to create a new paradigm in nonprofit success and sustainability. We will work to establish the positioning you need to improve program, increase revenue, and create sustainability. As a result of our strategic, actionable, nonprofit intelligence, your organization will:

1) Identify key areas of strategic growth and improvement.

2) Better define and refine your outcomes, impact, and success.

3) Develop the plans necessary to meet and exceed your goals.

4) Powerfully inform and engage your community of potential supporters.

5) Build dynamic relationships with your current supporters.

6) Catapult your overall donations, event registrations, and other types of participation.

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At Questus Strategies our methodologies zero in on the fundraising essentials that help you better engage donors and meet your fundraising objectives. As a leading expert in nonprofit strategy, we help you gain valuable insights through actionable intelligence, cutting-edge expertise, and one-of-a-kind perspectives, which maximize your limited resources, helping you kick-start your brand, outreach, and ultimately your fundraising.

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