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Strategic Sensibilities

Every journey begins with a simple premise: select your destination, plan your route and implement your plan. We’ll guide you to the summit by building a strategic game plan that refocuses your vision and targets the real-world situations you face every day. Our strategic sensibilities help you plan in a dynamic market and empower you with the ability to explore a range of scenarios that address budget, competition, tactics, timing, pricing, and geographies for optimum results.

Systemic Strategies for Organizational Development

We take a holistic approach to your organization and our services, understanding that sustainability is systemic.  Change something in one area and it affects the others.  Your growth can be bigger, better, or some combination of the two and in order to achieve those growth goals, you need to look at your organization as a system.  Community need fuels program, outcomes impact community.  To systemize your organization, you have to employ the Triad of Value and apply your findings to your marketing and fundraising efforts, program development and evaluation, as well as, the rest of your foundational organizational activities.  We specialize in focusing your organizational development.

How We Work

Our approach is to become your business development partner. Not unlike other valuable partners, like a CPA, or attorney, we become your sounding board, we revisit your dream, set goals, refine your message and put a plan in place to meet and exceed those goals. But we don’t stop there. Because once the foundation is implemented, we mentor you to manage, review and refine the tactics to ensure success.

“It has been a very positive experience in which I am grateful I was “forced” for the first time to really look at our competition and think through what/how we will set ourselves apart from other agencies. I also think that all of the staff and Board benefited from those exercises and shared information more than we have in the past. Thank you for leading us in that direction.”

Barbara Kenyon-Mohrlang,

Executive Director, Community Living Alternatives

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