Fundraising Strategy

“Donors want to be investors in a well-managed organization with an exciting plan for the future”







The Challenge

There are no magic bullets for fundraising success. As always, it is purely and simply a relationship game. To maximize your success, it is critical to take a systemic approach to fundraising through strategies and tactics that 1) properly position you in the community, 2) reflect the importance of your mission, and 3) demonstrate the effectiveness of your work.

The Solution

1) Build a case for funding that describes the community need, how you expertly fill that need, and how funders can share in your journey. 2) Develop a plan of tactics to balance your revenue and embrace prospective donors through multiple touchpoints. 3) Create multiple campaigns to maximize your penetration at all levels of funding.

The Six Universal Giving Truths...

1) Giving comes from the heart; it is mostly emotional and always personal.

2) Giving is a social act that promotes cooperation and social connection; it makes people happy.

3) People are more likely to donate to your cause if they see other people giving.

4) People are more easily persuaded to give by people they trust.

5) When it comes to problems, the bigger the numbers, the less people care.

6) People are hardwired to understand their world through emotions and stories.

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At Questus Strategies our methodologies zero in on the fundraising essentials that help you better engage donors and meet your fundraising objectives. As a leading expert in nonprofit strategy, we help you gain valuable insights through actionable intelligence, cutting-edge expertise, and one-of-a-kind perspectives, which maximize your limited resources, helping you kick-start your brand, outreach, and ultimately your fundraising.

Five Key Engagement Strategies:

Let Your Passion Show

What you do, why it is important, your unique process, and your record of success are important to donors. Let your passion shine!

Tell Your Story

Sharing your exciting plan for the future will work to engage your donors and spur them to participate at higher levels.

Back Up Your Claims

Today, donors want to maximize the value of their gift.  Measure and report performance to demonstrate your impact to the community.

Avoid the Guilt Trip

In the past, many nonprofits presented themselves as desperately in need; today, donors/investors are looking for effective partners.

Images Illustrate Your Good Work

For optimal audience connection, make strategic use of images; both still and video they spark action through emotional connection.

Our Services for Financial Resource Development

Whether your needs consist of just research, writing, reporting, or all of the above, our grant writing team can target your audience with language that sets you apart from the crowd to deliver effective grant proposals. Call us to discuss your goals:720-638-0909.

Your case for funding is the core document that positions you in your community by describing the need, how you expertly fill that need, and how donors can share in your journey. We can help you improve your fundraising performance with this critical document. Call 720-638-0909 to learn more.

Your brand is more than a logo, it is what people think when they hear your name. You can improve or shift your brand through positive communications and reinforcing marketing tactics. We have a full quiver of marketing tools to assist you in communicating your value to the community. Learn More Here…

A plan that balances revenue sources against budget is a critical management tool.  We can help you organize your fundraising efforts to maximize your revenue goals. Call 720-638-0909 to schedule your free fundraising assessment.

  • 72% of charitable contributions are made by individuals. 72%
  • Only 15% of donations come from foundations. 15%
  • Corporations only account for 5% of donations. 5%
  • 64% of donations are made by women. 64%
  • 31% of giving occurs in the month of December. 31%
  • 12% of all giving happens in the last 3 days of the year. 12%
  • Email results in 1/3 of online fundraising revenue. 33%
  • Nearly 1/3 of all online donations are from peer-to-peer fundraising. 33%
  • 65% of all social media activity occurs on a smartphone. 65%
  • Responsive webpages (any size screen) see 34% more donations than non-responsive pages. 34%

Fundraising statistics: the good news...

Worldwide, donations to nonprofits and NGO’s is on the rise.  In 2014, 1.4 billion people donated to nonprofit organizations around the world, an increase of 200 million donors over 2013.  In the United States, donations exceeded $358 billion in 2014, reflecting a 7.1% increase over 2013.  The lions share of donations (over 70%) come from individual gifts, with foundations at 15%, bequests at 8% and corporate giving at 5%.

The majority of charitable dollars go to religious organizations (32%) education (15%), human services and grant-making foundations (12%), and health organizations (8%).  88% of dollars raised come from 12% of an organizations’ donors.  75% of Americans think they donate more that average.  In reality, 72% contribute at a rate below the national average. Volunteers give twice as often to charities than do non volunteers.


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