The Organizational Tune Up

Every journey begins with a simple premise: select your destination, plan your route, and implement your plan.

Our organizational tune up guides you through a process of self discovery.  It is a three week course where together we assess your organization to ensure you have the key elements to move forward with a strategy building process for enhanced sustainability and optimized impact.


There are three critical factors to this exploration:


Awareness of the environmental factors that effect your organization are critical to growth strategy. Do you fully understand what your service recipients need and whether you are fulfilling these needs?  Do you understand your positioning; where you fit among the peers in your industry?  Are there industry trends evolving that can help you streamline your program?


Knowing your operational systems are efficient and effective is the first step to optimizing your impact. Do you know where each of your administrative functions are with respect to your lifecycle?  Do you have a logic model that defines your theory of change and helps you to adequately measure outcomes?


Fundraising success is directly related to how well you communicate your value to the community. Do you have a marketing and communications plan that is squarely aimed at your target audience?  Have you identified the touch points that are most effective with your audience?  Do you have a measurement system in place to identify what messages resonate?

Week One: The Environment

Every journey begins by determining your destination and then an assessment of the route you plan to travel. Many environmental factors influence your actions, your delivery, and your impact.  We will begin by exploring the need, then the landscape, your raison d’etre, and your history.  We will review and research industry trends and discover what others in your field, “your competition”, are doing to understand and refine your position in the community.

Week Two: The Mechanism

We will begin this phase with a lifecycle analysis, which will set the stage for knowing where your organization stands with regard to your strengths and weaknesses.  Exploring each of the functional areas of your organization in an effort to determine where gaps exist and in what areas you should invest resources to prop up your foundation.  This effort will delve into administration, marketing, program, leadership, and financial resources.  Our unique assessments will provide the basis for the next phase.

Week Three: The Stage

Here is where our process gets interesting, exciting, and productive.  As a team, we will work to develop a set of strategies that will provide a platform for future planning and resource development. You will come away with a plan for planning, a group of instruments that your stakeholders can employ to orchestrate your direction forward.

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