Strategic Planning

Strategy development is a systemic process designed to assess an organization and its environment in an effort to develop the actions that shape and guide what it is, what it does, and why it does it, in an on-going, dynamic, and forward-looking manner.

The strategic planning process is comprised of four unique steps…


Strategy development can not thrive in a vacuum, we employ a variety of assessments that are critical to your understanding and knowledge in an effort to enhance strategic planning success.


We can facilitate a planning process that engages your stakeholders and identifies the critical elements your organization should focus upon as strategic initiatives.


Our process helps you keep your strategy at the forefront of your discussions, your plan off the shelf, and in front of your stakeholders.


For nimble, growth oriented nonprofits, measurement is a critical element.  Our techniques ensure responsiveness to new information, trends, and higher understanding of impact and need.

Strategy starts with knowledge about consumer needs, industry trends, environmental factors, and organizational elements that facilitate a comprehensive plan forward.  Call us today to learn how our dynamic process can provide you with a solid foundation for developing your strategic initiatives and planning your future growth.