Do It YourselfSometime doing it yourself is your only option, here are several presentations to help you DIY

Global Giving: How to Make A Video for Nonprofits

Created by What Took You So Long for Global Giving, this video offers 34 tips and examples for creating short films about non-profit organizations and international projects. We focused on 3 primary areas: directing and producing, shooting in the field, and editing. While not technically a big idea, video is an essential medium in any content marketing strategy.  These tips will give you some great technical tactics for producing your story.

Nonprofit Partnership: Essential Duties of a Nonprofit Board

Few board members get specific training on about their duties and responsibilities.  Here is an overview on several key elements of what is required of board members to help them orient on their job.

OrgSpring: Creating a Facebook Page for Your Nonprofit Organization

Social media is a critical component of an effective content marketing strategy and Facebook, is a central player in any social media campaign. In this video tutorial, OrgSpring teaches you how to create a Facebook page for your nonprofit organization. Step by step, we take you through best practices for naming, editing, and posting to your Facebook page.

Hays Roth, Landor Associates at Columbia Business School: Branding Nonprofit Organizations

Branding is more than a cool logo, it’s what people think when they hear your name.  In this interview, the importance of brand is discussed, as well as, how the branding process should be implemented. “Branding is collaborative process, but not a democratic process.” Columbia Business School’s Center on Global Brand Leadership is the leading forum worldwide for executives and researchers addressing the challenges of building and sustaining great brands.