Logic Models: Utilizing Tools for Program Development

Colorado Nonprofit Association
2016 Fall Conference and Exhibition

Presented by: Amanda Roberts and Richard L. P. Solosky

workshop-intro-pageLogic models are tools that can help develop your programming as your organization grows and changes. This workshop will help you understand how to use a logic model for program development, whether you are just starting out or are a well-established organization.


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Webinar: Social Media 101 – How to Turn Your Mission Reports into a Fundraising Machine.

Social Media for SARThe Mountain Rescue Association invited Questus Strategies’ principal and senior consultant, Richard L. P. Solosky for an in-depth webinar conversation about the significance between brand, fundraising, and social media strategy.  The exclusive workshop was designed to help them fine tune their strategy to reinforce brand and elevate fundraising for greater sustainability.

Questus Strategies is ple2013 CNPA Conference Logo v2ased to be providing two presentations at the 2013 Colorado Nonprofit Association’s Fall Conference. Presented by Senior Consultants, Richard L. P. Solosky, MNM and Rachel T. Emmer, MBA each workshop will take an interactive look at two hotly trending issues in the nonprofit community.

As experts in nonprofit marketing, fundraising, and organizational development, Richard and Rachel will help attendees gain valuable insights through actionable intelligence, cutting-edge expertise, and one-of-a-kind perspectives designed to maximize limited resources and kick-start brand, outreach, and revenue.

21st Century Website Realities, is included in the Marketing track and scheduled for 8:55 a.m. – 10:25 a.m. on Monday, October 7, 2013.

This workshop will explore the new realities of Internet engagement. Today the Internet touches virtually every aspect of our lives and how we interact, relate to, and communicate has changed forever.  It’s a critical component of your marketing efforts and so it’s important to get it right!

Attendees will learn how the rules for an effective web presence has evolved and discover how to develop a marketing strategy that is highly integrated with website design and content. Understand the new dynamics of Internet PR (content marketing) and learn how easy it is to inexpensively update your website with engaging content and effective images. You will learn the importance of a dynamic presence and how a website can become a cornerstone for social media engagement. Participants will also uncover several techniques to maximize effectiveness with content management systems, search engine optimization, analytics, and more.

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Foraging for Funding – Creating Social Enterprise, is included in the Fundraising track and scheduled for 8:10 a.m. – 9:40 a.m. on Tuesday, October 8, 2013.

Diversification of funding is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. With ever greater demands from funding channels, organizations must extend their reach and broaden their funding opportunities. This highly interactive workshop will explore the trending topic of social venture through earned-income strategies.

Through a World Cafe format, this workshop explores the unfolding story of a nonprofit organization looking to dip into the waters of social enterprise. Small groups will engage in a series of exercises to brainstorm and assess ideas from start-up through long-term sustainability using innovative business tools. Participants will gain an understanding of and practice in the collaborative process to surface the most creative, aligned, and feasible ideas to launch a successful social enterprise.

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For more details on these workshops contact us at 720-638-0909.  To register, visit the Conference Registration page.