Strategic Marketing

Your brand is what people think when they hear your name; the best way to improve your brand is by being excellent in what you do.





The Challenge

It’s important to understand that in the nonprofit community, marketing is much more inclusive to your mission, and therefore it is critical to integrate it with all major sustaining functions. Nonprofit marketing is more than advertising, a cool logo, or a flashy website; it is about effectively communicating your value and sustaining an emotional connection with your community

The Solution

We promote a systemic approach to marketing strategy, which is developed by thinking about your organization as a whole, which includes its place in the broader community and society, in the lives of its consumers, and its niche among other service providers. We then target the most appropriate audiences and build a campaign or campaigns that present you as a valuable partner of impact.

Campaign Development


A systemic marketing campaign is an on-going process that dynamically evaluates and evolves as new data is uncovered. First, you must understand your significance to the community and then you must present your case of achievement in a manner that is understood by the appropriate audiences. While this is no small task, it is fundamental to a sustainable financial resource development strategy.  Key understandings for a systemic marketing campaign include…


Your strategy should evolve from both your business model and from your approach to growing your organization. Growth comes in two flavors, 1) bigger or, 2) better. Your business model is comprised of either 1) offering a unique asset like a distinctive process for problem solving, or 2) through outstanding performance. Strategy reflects these positioning elements and works to leverage strengths and capitalize upon progressive outcomes.

Value Proposition

A value proposition is the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. It answers the uppermost questions about your organization that are critical to donor conversion and retention. A value proposition expresses why your organization excels in your focus area and how you are distinguished in your craft. A strong value proposition not only creates allure for potential funders, it is a persuasive tool to attract new clients who are seeking services.



An important component of your value proposition is positioning. Positioning is the process of understanding where you fit among your “competitors” and within your community. It includes an understanding of the following market awareness questions:1) What is our market? 2.) Where are we at in the market? 3.) How did we get here? 4.) Where do we want to go next?



Know Your Audience

In order to connect with an audience you need to understand how they think, what they want, and how they relate to the world. In order to effectively communicate with an audience, you must learn how the audience speaks. This is vital in word choice, but also for understanding how they think, feel, and view the world will enhance how they interact with your organization.


Authority Rules

When you’re looking to influence people and build a powerful online presence, authority is the way to go. People respect other people who have authority, expertise, and impressive credentials just like they respect people in lab coats and police uniforms. And, they respect authority even more when you demonstrate it rather than simply claiming it.



Touch points: collateral, advertising, white papers, and public relations along with Internet tactics like email, web, and social media, are among many of your conversational tactics.  The trick is to understand where your audience lives and to present a consistent argument as one strategic process across your most effective marketing channels.

Our Marketing Services

At a time when nonprofits need to stand out more than ever, they are at best blending in and at worst becoming invisible. Your number one goal should be to build engaged communities. Because, engaged, emotionally connected communities, build synergy for our missions.

Content marketing a powerfully persuasive effect when it comes to communicating benefits and overcoming objections, because you’re teaching first, instead of pitching why someone should donate, get involved, or become a consumer. It’s an education-forward marketing approach that gives you influence and with that comes authority.
Your brand is more than a logo, it is what people think when they hear your name. You can improve or shift your brand through positive communications and reinforcing marketing tactics. We have a full quiver of marketing tools to assist you in communicating your value to the community. Learn More Here…

We can help you economically organize your marketing activities to target those audiences that are most likely to promote your fundraising efforts to maximize your revenue goals with a specific and actionable plan.

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