Triad of Value

Nonprofit marketing is more than advertising, a cool logo, or a flashy website; it is about effectively communicating your value and sustaining an emotional connection with your community. To effectively communicate your worth, it is important that you apply the "Triad of Value":

Triad of Value v4a

1) UNDERSTAND community need,

2) DEVELOP effective programming (with measurable outcomes), and

3) DEMONSTRATE consumer impact.

Once your strategy is designed, all your marketing tactics should be carefully intertwined with these three principles.

The cornerstone of nonprofit marketing is strategy development; it touches program through market research, fundraising through positioning, and communications, and outreach through dozens of touch-points. Our cutting-edge expertise and one-of-a-kind perspectives, leverage the strategies of advanced marketing practices to maximize your limited resources, helping you kick-start your brand, outreach, and ultimately your fundraising.

Take a holistic approach to your marketing today, by including marketing at a high level within your organization. Understand the need, develop effective actions, and measure outcomes. Then, communicate your value to key audiences through appropriate channels. That's how you build an effective brand and sustainable funding!

Call us today, we'll guide you to the summit of sustainability!